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A&E 2024, some of my photo's.

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Repairs with invalubale oversight from the youngsters

Trees carved with 1st Division emblem and Soldiers name.

DR riders leading the charge.

Afety first, ginving the Cyclist a wide berth.

Tank? What tank.

IMG_7716 (Groot).JPG

IMG_7729 (Groot).JPG

IMG_7730 (Groot).JPG

IMG_7742 (Groot).JPG

IMG_7801 (Groot).JPG

IMG_7824 (Groot).JPG

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What you say, can't quit hear ya...

Cool too see these people waving the flags.

Fun for the wrecker teams, less fun for the owners being towed.

YES, we got it running!

IMG_7861 (Groot) (1).JPG

IMG_7910 (Groot).JPG

IMG_7924 (Groot).JPG

IMG_7927 (Groot).JPG

IMG_7942 (Groot).JPG

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A tad dusty

Convoy in the distance.

Greta Thunberg has left the forum...

Not much room left but all ok.

Tank, High Speed tractor, Wreckers and HT's .


IMG_7964 (Groot).JPG

IMG_7969 (Groot).JPG

IMG_7976 (Groot).JPG

IMG_7985 (Groot).JPG

IMG_7995 (Groot).JPG

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Posted (edited)

Looking at the spactacle, he was very far away from us.

Wreckers, Diamond T and infantry in HT's coming to the resque.

Strange Bus.

Nobody likes to loose a nut...or wheel. (Right Jack?).

Filling up.

IMG_8055 (Groot).JPG

IMG_8067 (Groot).JPG

IMG_8073 (Groot).JPG

IMG_8077 (Groot).JPG

IMG_8083 (Groot).JPG

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I thought I saw a DR rider behind us?

Overtaking on the grass.

Going round the bend.

DR riders securing a intersection. Stellar work being done!


IMG_8088 (Groot).JPG

IMG_8091 (Groot).JPG

IMG_8096 (Groot).JPG

IMG_8097 (Groot).JPG

IMG_8099 (Groot).JPG

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