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Mitchelin XZL sidewall logos - can you help?

paul connor

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I have a new   XZL  on a rim - I can check tomorrow but know it does not state  M&S 

The  XZL  evolved from the  Michelin 4X4  O/R  (off road)  

For Defender the above were made in two sizes  :-

7.00 R 16 C4X4  O/R   XZL  TL  108N

7.50 R 16 C4X4  O/R  XZL TL  108N

They had a supple casing allowing low pressure operation (down to 15 psi)  but at reduced speed , they had extra tripple ribbed sidewall protectors.


Mud rock / loose surfaces , grip on steep banks and slopes - intended for severe site conditions  -  construction sites /OCCS/  quarries.  The C included in the nomenclature woul be for Commercial  (heavy - they had a high steel wire content).

If you wanted all that & also  M&S  on a Defender 90"  , arguably better than any Michelin 205R16  , that was a tyre made by Semperit (Austria) called  "High-Grip"  M&S  (reinforced)   ,  IIRC they were used on the original Merceded G Wagen.  reinforced = more or less C  (commercial) spec.

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Perfect thank you Clive (FV1609). At least I now know they do have M+S on the sidewalls, that's really helpful. Now I can be sure running them here in winter is, for now, legal as an all seasons tyre.

Even the Mitchelin website doesn't state this, that's why I wanted a literal image. Perfect.




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Michelin actualy class   XZL as  'Summer'   ,  most Continental countries demand a  3PMSF  marked tyre for winter fitment  ,  in  E terms  M+S  now actually meets  s.f.a.    XZL  actually has no small blocks with fine sipes that are needed on snow.

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They are legal in Germany until September 2024, which mitigates changing tyres until then. So my question is solved for now.

Germany currently regard a tyre as all seasons with M+S on the sidewall prior to the three peaks snowflake coming in at the end of 2024. Thankfully Clive, once again, provided first hand data to support my query proving XZLs do have M+S stamped on the sidewalls, so all boxes ticked.

Case closed. Thanks everyone 

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