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Highly unusual! On the engine you can still see the "WM20." prefix of the original engine number (which was clearly removed with a file). But I have no idea at all about the 14 CW 0027 and 14 GW 0022 numbers... They are not even matching...

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I stand to be corrected... 

I have gone through 10.000 of the 20.000 plus Key Card entries, and I have indeed found "several" (less than 1%) of these "special" numbers. Mostly "25/CW" prefixes (e.g. 25/CW/270 or 25/CW/70/55, etc...), but also some "14/CW" examples (e.g. 14/CW/133 or 14/CW/0110, etc...). Unfortunately I haven't found 14/CW/0027 yet. There are also a handful of "31/BW" prefixes, and I have found 1 (one) "14/GW" number: 14/GW/0022.  BINGO!!! 😃



These "special numbers" are always found in the "Engine No. "AFY" Chassis "B" Veh." column. It has been discussed before if the quoted number is in fact the "true frame number" (on the frame) or the "duplicated frame number" on the engine. We're still not sure. Fact is that 14/GW/0022 has been "converted from" census number C4171614, which is a contract C/6126 number. And when we calculate the frame number for this census number, we arrive at #19400. I've added two pictures with "close" census numbers / frame numbers, for your interest...


By the way, the post war registration number ("W.D.No.") was 88YC89. Here's a "close" one:


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I fully agree Richard! And 31BW could be "Base Workshop"...?

Also: behind the CW or BW prefix there is usually one number (the umpteenth rebuild?). In the example below: the 268th rebuild in 25 Command Workshop.


But there can also be two numbers, separated by a slash. Looks as if the second number could be the year, as it is always either 55 or 56. In the example below: the 207th rebuild in 25 Command Workshop in 1956...?


No idea what the (PR) stands for though...

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If you want a high res scan of this keycard, please take contact with Welbike (for contact details: see one of the earlier posts). He's got the originals and can make you a really nice scan of the complete card.


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I've just gone through the rest of the keycards, but unfortunately I couldn't find 14CW0027. (I may have overlooked something, as looking at all these numbers drive you mad... 🤪 )

Probably frame 14GW0022 and engine 14CW0027 were already mated when the BAOR inventory was made, and it was the frame number that was recorded on the keycards.

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