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RAF Austin K6 Signals 3 Ton Lorry


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This RAF Signals Lorry has the Type 393  on the rear body (and Mk I below) to signify  a 3 Ton Tender equipped with a Twin Channel HF transmitter.

In RAF docs it has a Type Suffix of Type A and was often used with a similar Type 394

However, a Type 394 vehicle (likely another K6) was equipped with twin or four channel HF receivers (always wired for four channels) and had a Type Suffix of A, B, C, D

But what does the Type Suffix stand for? 

Logic might suggest it was nothing to do with the Radio Vehicle Type, (such as 393 or 394) - but is it just the number of sets carried?

Also when did Radio Vehicle Type go out of use, as I understand it was post WW2?

RAF Austin K6.jpg

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Hi Larry,

The suffix indicates which specific equipment is carried. In the case of the Type 394:

A: two CR.100

B: four CR.100

C two AR.88

D four AR.88

The Type 393 only had the one set of equipment so they are all technically of the A suffix: two T.1190.

I posted a while back a scan I made of a 1946 document compiled by a signals officer, it can be found here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tsktp9df1bbntla/RVT Listing 1946.pdf?dl=0

All the best



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Thanks for the info and the attached.

Last point is when did the RAF both start and then discontinue with Signal Vehicle Type numbers such as Type 393 etc ( not to be confused with the Jan 1944 AMO for all Types)?

I heard it was 1944 to 1950s?

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