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Wanted: Land Rover Defender Snatch armoured windscreen


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Hi all, 

Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.

I am after bullet proof/resistant front windscreen (both of them) for a Land Rover Defender Snatch.

Ideally it can be a used one if someone has it, or alternatively can point in the direction of where one can be ordered.

The vehicle is currently being prepared and will go to Ukraine at the end of January, so would need something by that time. 


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btw  Hobson will be top $

Suggest you contact Colin Voss

2, Springfield Place

Yeovil ,  Somerset,  BA21 3NA

He had a spell of selling all Mk. of Snatch , bit late now - he may have some stuff in his shed or have contacts.

Sells military LR parts on Ebay  -  handle of  MattBlack2003  ,  that may be a good way to message him.

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The vehicle in question is actually being prepared by Colin Woss.  

It just doesn't have the front armoured glass.  It was initially meant to be used by medics for wounded evacuation, but now it will go to a special forces unit and they need all the armour the can get.


We will be contacting http://www.autokraz.com.ua/index.php/en/fabrication/automobile/military/bronirovannye-avtomobili 

They might be able to point us in the direction of a manufacturer. Does anyone know the actual size of the front windscreens?





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To add to this thread anyone know where I can get hold of -1 minimum- Runflat insert for a defender 16”  I can potentially get hold of 3 but not keen on spending 1k odd on just the extra one from Runflat Int.. 


I’ve been out to UA twice in my Wolf and return in the spring - EOD work de mining.. and these would be handy !


cheers Gary 


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