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PLCE Trials Bergen side pouch

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Good day all,

A friend of mine is downsizing, as I am into British vehicles I was chosen as the dumping point.

I have tried to interview him as best as I can to get as much information and this is about it.

In period around 1995 to 1997 he was REME attached to 3 PARA with an AMFL role.

In that time they were issued this trials side pocket that was compatible with the Bergen of the time. He recalls the concept being that as mechanics and or armourers this pouch was fitted with multiple stowage for small tools in general. It opened out with a flap covering the last section which has pockets rather than loops.

The two identification labels sewn on have lost their printing and some of the plastic / nylon clips have been destroyed through active usage.

He states that this was intended for both medics and mechanics. He says as a mechanic / armourer they did not find favour in usage with the bergen as fully loaded they made you lopsided. He carried his elsewhere but used it a lot and found it very useful

Does anyone collect this stuff?


PLCE 01.jpeg

PLCE 02.jpg

PLCE 03.jpeg

PLCE 04.jpg

PLCE 05.jpeg

PLCE 06.jpeg

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I collect webbing and have sets of trials, olive green and DPM PLCE. However, whilst it closely resembles the medical kit carrier it seems to have some constructional differences and I don’t know what it is. You could try asking on the World Wide Web Collectors forum on Facebook.

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