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B60 engine wet sump to dry sump


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Hi I wa asked a question from a fellow ferret owner that has a wet sump B60 and want to fit it into a Ferret. Ovisaly the Ferret has a dry sump . Has anyone done the conversion, or anyone got a  dry sump and the appropriate bit. I would appreciate your views and response

Regards Laurence

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Oh! I was assuming he had problems with his engine and wanted to swap it over, seems like he does not have an engine for his Ferret. If it is a wet sump engine, then the flywheel and possibly housing would need to be swapped, and possibly the front mounting plate, depends what the 'wet sump' engine came out of, fire engine, Humber, or what ever. Probably best to find the correct engine.

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Just now, Ashcollection said:

yes we did it, Humber FV1600 engine, just swapped the pump, pipework and the sump. very straightforward. 

oh yes and the drive components, dry plate to the ferrets fluid flywheel, for us it was just a case of sitting the 2 engines beside each other and swapping all the relevant parts.

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