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seized piston


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Hi .It's first beneficial to understand why the engine seized ...has it seized due to a component failure or has it been stood a log time and the piston rings have corroded and attached themselves to The cylinder wall.

Let's assume  there's no evidential damage and it's just seized with age and corrosion

I would start by dumping it all  in a bucket of paraffin or Diesel .whilst it may sound expensive  servicing garages often have lots of spoilt fuel from miss fuelling .. They often have 20litre containers for oil and cleaning fluids.these will importantly be fuel proof.

I would pop around a few garages with a box of quality street and you should get sorted.. Get the engine into this and give it a long soak ......after a week remove it and clean anything you can get to with brushes/wire wool . Then apply penetrating oil as required...

This process repeated should allow you to identify the extent of the corrosion and whether the items are salvageable or just scrap .please share some photos ...














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Diesel and paraffin are both good, but personally I use coca cola. I once managed to free up a bore seized truck engine this way.

Full fat, freshly opened Coke, genuine not supermarket own brand, cram as much as you possibly can into the cylinder,  and wait. Maybe a few minutes or a few hours. If theres no movement,  empty and repeat with another freshly opened can or bottle and try again.

A lot of people clean old coins with Coke, and the same basic principle applies here.

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Diesel is OK , white vinegar is probably more aggressive than coke - OK for some things.     Don't use kerosene/28 sec. burning oil because it is hygroscopic  - so steel will rust and also some grades of cast iron. paraffin is very near to kero - so I would expect the same results , try some bright nails or an old bearing overnight

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