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Track link identification.


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The words Spud and Grouser mean much the same when related to tracks or  steel wheels and refer to a projecting part that engages with the ground to provide grip. In the British steam traction engine world Grousers are flat plates permanently riveted across the wheel with gaps between them giving about 20mm 'tread depth' and Spuds were pieces of angle that could be bolted on to give another 80mm or so of bite. Only to be used on soft ground !

At the beginning of WW2 most British tank track had a flat surface for running on roads and a recess in the middle to save weight and give a little grip on soft ground. This was fairly useless so 'Spudded' track with what would now be called a grouser was developed.


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I managed to do a swap for the track link and some other bits of armour apparently from a Ram tank from an old PIAT range site, the track link from somewhere else. As you can see in the photo showing the base of the link there are two holes between the grousers, normally in A13 Mk2 cruiser tanks and Covenanters there are ribs that fill this gap most probably for strength, just wondering if anyone has seen this two hole type track link. is it early or later  for any type of particular tank.





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Just been putting the track link under electrolysis and is cleaning up really well. I also found another picture of the common type track link found on Covenanters and A13 Mk2 this picture shows the ribbed part as oposted to the two holes between the cleats or grousers. 


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I checked out this track link on a visit to the tank museum with their A13 cruiser and Covenanter. The track i have is Covenanter but slightly different to each other with holes opposite to the track pin and two holes either side the track. I assume this was some form of drainage where the hollow track filled with water and dirt. The A13 cruiser is a two piece arrangement. All tracks have dates on them.

My links cleaned up well with electrolysis, after i boiled the track to turn any last remaining rust into a black oxide and added a bit of phosphate solution and finished of with waxol to seal.

Looking at the cleaned track it seems it was gas cut to remove it as the method of securing the pin was difficult to remove one fixed in place.









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