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  1. With a modern car for everyday use the flow of fresh petrol most probably dispenses any remaining water in a tank as the petrol and remaining water sloshes and mix together, the car is on the move too much for water to settle and accumulate. If a modern day car was treated like a vintage collectible not that much used then i assume you would have the same problem.
  2. The moisture/ water settles at the bottom of the tank so you would get all the crap, so it would spit and cougth and sound its lacking power like fuel starvation like a blocked filter. I assume a well sealed tank with the vehicle stored in good conditions would determine how much moisture contaminates your tank, cold and condensation.
  3. The main problem with ethanol in the petrol is that it attracts moisture which rusts or corrodes metals in the fuel system if left over time more than 3 months, plus the ethanol itself can be volitile to certain paints certain plastics and rubbers. If you ever tried removing the ethanol from petrol you can see how easy the E petrol takes on water. I tried non E and E5 on a painted fuel tank done in cellulose paint, the E5 desloved it and made it sticky, but de ethanol was fine didnt touch it what so ever. In the end i had to 2k lacquer the tank which E5 didn't touch. I have made a small drain off on my bike tank balance pipe the lowest part of the tank to remove petrol for the winter. Using non ethanol you wouldn't have to do this. A lot of garden mower service centres use a non ethanol petrol called Alpine which is £25 for 5 litres. What happened was mowers, chain saws were serviced after the season in October but when used in spring the serviced machine wouldn't start, due to the destructive E petrol which caused all types of things like, water absorption in the fuel, rust and corrosion of fuel components and rubber and plastic carb parts going soft especially carb membranes. The E petrol also forms a milky film over time that blocks fine jets on carbs even worse on modern race bikes. So the Alpine is added after servicing so the machine can start first time after sitting idol through winter. The E petrols like to be used up in the quickest time, great for normal driving in a modern car where you fill up a tank and use within a week a month at the max. Not very good for storing inside a vehicle over winter where the problem occurs. Use it up quickly and drain when not in use over time.
  4. They certainly look very nice. Let us know when the book comes out.
  5. I have seen the 1/6 scale Cushman, you would think this scale size they would be spot on producing it in every detail. As for wheels and seats, i seem to recall Clements trading selling these a while back at the war and peace show plus some other bits. The correct size tyres 6.00x6 are the same size as Cessna aircraft tyres and hubs if i am not mistaken much cheaper than those from the states with original tread pattern. Is the seat original Harley or a dedicated Cushman style. As i am picking my way with bits and pieces of info on these scooter i was wondering if there was a book about them or at least a detailed write up at least.
  6. I can see what you mean about making hundreds of replicas, watch the Chinese don't copy them, they are pretty good ant making copies of most things, not much you could do if they did. It would be good practice to see what replicas are about of any vehicle and how to spot one especially exchanging vast sums these go for. People in the states have converted Civilian models for airborne which can be picked up for peanuts, even harder to tell the difference between original against original from year to year. I myself will be taking the measurements when i find one as i know what i want. Drawings ready just fill the spaces. I have had people in the past take measurement for of other things by just holding a tape up to a photo, not good enough, very inaccurate. I do find that museums can be very helpful if they have the exhibit you want to take measurements from and usually prefer you to measure up yourself. I did consider a model if you can find one, i believe Gekco made a Cushman set in 1/35 scale. I will find one in the end, I will contact a French mate who can find out more of the French guy who makes the frame, as i have said i want to made an electric model as a project, anyway thanks for your input and advice, much apreaciated your help.
  7. Hard work finding measurement, people got them but no reply back, thats 3 times that happened, must be in bank vaults with the price they fetch. Could have bought frame and forks for a 1946 model for 30 dollars in Alaska but the seller didn't want to ship, Civilian M53 models identical that don't have Airborne, D day or 1944 added to their M53 scooter sell a lot less. One day i will find one. I seems to be easier to find measurements for a Tiger tank than this scooter.
  8. There are a couple of tanks that can be mistaken for crusaders like the Covenanter and the A13 cruiser which are of the same family, the covenanter being the more likely candidate as they were either scrapped, used for range work or buried when they could no longer be repaired. Most of the A13s got lost in France and were used in North Africa as with the Crusaders.
  9. I got my manual from a Dutch guy who sells manuals on CD which are crystal clear ideal for printing of a page you need to study more for reference. With prices like that i would be scared to open the pages.
  10. I have been advised to post under motorcycle section rather than under American, hopefully someone could me help out. I want to build a replica of a M53 Cushman scooter just the frame and forks and see if its feasible to put an electric motor in it as a small project i have in mind. Just wondering if there are any blue print drawings with measurements about or i will have to take sizes from original scooter, if so are there any owners in Hampshire near Bordon who wouldn't mind helping me having a measure up your M53 pride and joy. So far not having much luck, i assume the price they are fetching now most would be locked in a bank vault. Normally i see these scooters at the shows but because of covid etc i haven't had the chance to have a chat to any owners. Hopefully i will be going to Odyssey and later the Victory show. Hope someone here can help.
  11. I joined up the Facebook pages. I can understand why this guy wants to keep the drawings to himself. I will just take sizes from an original just like aircraft restorers take measurements of original plane parts when they cant get the drawing. I will repost on the motorcycle section, thanks.
  12. I saw that on milweb dont really want to buy one, although that price for the 1946 model was a very good. I thought there were a few about in the UK but doesn't seem to be much about, i suppose being sold at stupid prices most are kept safe in bank vaults. I would have gone to the W&P show like i do every year but not on so I may try the Odessey show. Failing that a model kit the larger the better. Are there any active Cushman scooter forum sites about, quite a lot of sites are not active at all they have all gone to facebook.
  13. Are there any Cushmans about, even if they are in a museum.
  14. I want to build a replica of a M53 Cushman scooter just the frame and forks and see if its feasible to put an electric motor in it as a small project i have in mind. Just wondering if there are any blue print drawings with measurements about or i will have to take sizes from original scooter if so are there any owners in Hampshire near Bordon who wouldn't mind helping me having a measure up your M53 pride and joy.
  15. Up for sale my old SCR 399 remote control unit, quite a lump to lug around the shows. This unit is used upto about 1/4 mile away from the radio truck which holds the main transmitter. This set has the complete battery and radio chest, chair, legs for the chest, a compleat set of aerials in bag, a working BC312 radio, JB60 junction box (very hard to find). The radio chest is complete with speaker fuse box and light. All you need for a working reenactment display, see pictures. £1500 for the unit.
  16. Would be good to do something, rare to find original equipment near a derelict structure, especially these days. The body is a basket case, so a carcass body representation would need to be built, it would only be for show, a mock up not a working restoration. Seeing as the army still own the land its theirs and they have the final say. I thought it would make a good project to get kids and locals involved in the build, teaching construction metalwork skills etc. That wont happen but there you go.
  17. I can see its a real basket case but its original to the site. I think it would be best just to leave it, its fenced off, unless someone comes up with bags of money and time to take on the challenge or better still spend the money on a restored one and display, store it and mainain it under cover as an example for the public viewing. I cant see that with councils these days, the area still owned by the MOD but looked after for public use by a organisation will have to fund and make the final say. Nick Jones do you live local to the area..
  18. Over a beer and chat with some friends, we were taking about road legal plates for vintage motorcycles and vintage military motorcycle plates, what's legal or not? I have seen over the years a few original WW2 German motorcycles and the R71 CJ750, Ural and Dnepr clones at the shows and riding around the UK roads the WH white background and black lettering licence plates, a recent example of a nice original DKW sidecar outfit with same type plates seen in the latest recent Classic Military Vehicle magazine, nice bike. Is there some form of exemption for these bike to have these type of plates as long as the lettering is the required size or should these motorcycles have the black background and silver or white lettering on a square plate at the rear and the same size 64mm lettering white or silver with black back ground for the front mudguard. I assume they swap them over at shows.
  19. A while back i discovered a Bofors gun emplacement and radar trailer 50 yards from each other in the Hogmoor training area near the REME tank training grounds after the Army moved out of Bordon Hampshire a while back. Built and operated by the Canadians during the war. The Bofors emplacement is now registered with Historic England by myself and the radar trailer fenced off which is in a state of disrepair. I am working with the town council and Historic England to preserve the emplacement as best we can. As with the radar Trailer a GL Number 3 Mk2, original to the emplacement, which was left by the Canadians since 1948 and been left there to this date and was not removed by REME because it was not on their books. The council are not sure what to do with it or best proceed with its preservation. It was suggested to restore it but its going to take a lot of money and time. Another suggestion was to leave it in its small fenced off area or restor it to a semi state showing the outside features of its main structure but as an empty carcass. Any imput suggestions ideas?
  20. Fly the red flag with a white circle in the centre with a black squiggle and you will be defently in with the coucil especially if its East hants at penns palace.
  21. I knew a guy who was into steam engine tractors etc. His yard was full of very nice vintage cars and trucks. Every time people came to the yard he was offered generous money to save them for restoration but he refused saying they are valuable and rare and wouldn't sell anything he would get more money. When he died and they cleared his yard which he had tons of good stuff. Nearly all the vehicles fell to pieces and had passed any basket case restoration. At the estate auction there was hardly anything there vehicle wise. There was a Humber 1 ton truck the one they converted to the pig, pre pig version, just fell apart in two lumps. Many Guy ant style trucks had trees and bushes growing out of them. Its criminal that these vehicles are left to end up in this state. Whats it doing now? Hope someone can save it.
  22. I believe there is a After the Battle article write up about the scrap yard where most WW2 vehicles came from, it had all sorts. When i last visited about 10 years ago the sheds at the back were full of military vehicles. There was quite a lot of stuff under the flyover bridge which you had to go under to get to the yard. Funny place to get to.
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