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Lightweight Land Rover jack


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I would say - due to the fact that the bonnet is designed for stowage of the starting handle (LWT is longer than Series) and single-piece jack steel handle within the two clips provided - in a certain width , then that is a clue to what CES jack was intended from Rover 1 S2A days.

Willing to be proven wrong. these were designed for use with the front axle jack safety stop and have a very low closed height (lower than jacks of time-line provided for civvy S2A)

Ern Lake 1 ton ,  normally these were branded with the VRM number - so if you find such a jack with a S2A  LWT  VRM , then that would be conclusive.


JACK, screw hand , 1 ton tripple-lift   closed h.  5.1/4"   open h. 14"  c/w 30" handle (although I would have to check that 30").

I don't think this jack was sold on to civvy market  ?

The steel handle eye doubles up to hold the starting handle correct when handle inserted into red open grommet of bonnet reinforcement angle.   In use the steel handle is used with a proper wood round turned handle with taper to secure in the eye.   One of these mysteries of LWT is where this wood handle was supposed to be stowed  ?    Never seen one included with a Ex-MOD Rover & don't recall it listed as CES   - however that is what you are supposed to raise/lower the jack.


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