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RB44 Fire Tender towing limit


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I'm looking to put my project on the road next year and I'm really struggling to work out what it will be allowed to tow. 

Its a 1984 RB44 Fire Tender with a transit Mk5 cab fitted and all fire tender equipment removed.

The VIN tag tells me the axle and GVW but there's nothing stamped in the GTW area. Front axle is 2500kg, rear axle is 3600kg and GVW is 6000kg.

Any ideas where I will be able to find its towing limits?

The pictures show it in 2010, as released from service at a show and now😔






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25 minutes ago, MatchFuzee said:

Have you seen this? 


Yes cheers. I've looked at the ex mil RB44 for inspiration but the weights are different. They have a 5300gvw and 7500gtw, I'm wondering if the earlier dodge 4x4 would be a nearer example to work from?

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12 minutes ago, Smithy said:

I thought I recognised this one. Here is an image I took all the way back in June 2004 at Kemble Military Vehicle Show. Looks to be in a similar position to the one above from t he opposite side. 

Kemble 2004.jpg

That's the old girl before it was butchered. Good to see how it used to look, looking forward to sorting it next year and having it support the charity tractor runs that I attend. 

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On 11/14/2021 at 10:19 PM, johnwardle said:

Has anyone else noticed the JCB logo in the badge on the door? Was this a JCB factory fire engine previously?

Its not a JCB logo its the Cotswolds (Kemble) Airport badge, and its never been near JCB. Its previous life was with the Defence Fire Service.


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