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Canadian Kawasaki KLR250 pair

robin craig

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I currently own one of this type of machine and it is very complete. Being as how they are easy on parts and affordable people often ask me to look out for them.

So, it was my distinct pleasure this week to secure the future of two ex CF motorcycles. One had popped up on the vacuous hole of Facebook market place and it was after a few discussions with the seller and him digging around that the discovery was made that he had a near whole second bike albeit in pieces minus engine.

I have a Kawasaki KLR250 and love it and ride it and my domestic harmonious living policy states that I am not to have another KLR250.
I had wanted to try to get the running one into the hands of someone who would save it and cherish it and so the calls went out one by one to a list of people who had mentioned they wanted one if I should ever find one.

In the vein of "the truth is stranger than fiction" none of those people were able to execute a purchase for various reasons. I was thinking I might have to buy it and hold on to it for a while.

Then, out of left field another friend sent me the listing asking me about it. Quickly we determined he wanted the bike and that we would make a road trip together and see if a package deal purchase could be made, as the parts bike also had a potential home but the buyer was not able to be present.

Having been stung on a Frankenstein bike buy once myself, a pre purchase due diligence back checking of VIN to CFR was done. All of us need friends, mine is a special friend who lives in an undisclosed location and will remain anonymous for many a good reason.

The numbers rang true and I am happy to report that the whole bike is CFR number 95-10884. This motorcycle was used at CFB Borden from April 1995 until December 1999. The parts bike was used in Borden at the same time and was CFR 95-10879.

I have not divulged the identities of the purchasers as it is not my place to do so. And besides, the names are left out to protected the guilty. I went along to ensure my friend had some comfort with the bike and rode it pre purchase.

It was a great day out with a good friend who will enjoy it.

The search is on for panniers and frame elements which will take some time.
Some old geezer with a plaid shirt and suspenders photo bombed one of the pictures, not sure who he is.

Great to see these two go to good homes

Kawi KLR ex Borden 01_LI.jpg

Kawi KLR ex Borden 02_LI.jpg

Kawi KLR ex Borden 03_LI.jpg

Kawi KLR ex Borden 04_LI.jpg

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