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AEC Matador Census numbers


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Evening everyone 

Having recently purchased my first AEC Matador I am trying to uncover its history, it’s chassis number 0853248 which makes it a 1940.

I've obtained its keycard which shows its census number as 1712329



I read somewhere that these census numbers are late war numbers and that it’s original number may be different, can anyone shed any light on this or have any census number lists for early war vehicles???

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THE information was complied from first the number two key cards and contract records and chilwell lists held at the former  MUSEUM OF ARMY TRANSPORT and members of the  AEC society . The question of service history is one of the most asked by owners of vehicles of the world war two period unless you can find a picture of it in service the answer is unlikely

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All the information should be  held by the RLC MUSEUM  as they took the records archives from the old M.A.T But  how much they took l do not know the sale of items from Fort Paull shows how much they gave away and  the files l have  were the backup scans that l paid for in case of loss of the original items and returned to me  when the TQMS retired after the museum closed.  l do not know if any of the information is online



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