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AFV Storage Box 1184/A


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I was at the Newark Aeroboot yesterday and picked up several nice items.


I bought a very sticky steel box - which we have cleaned a little.

It appears to have army green paint - overpainted grey then later ( possibly) a white/red cross added and some yellow and white spots as well as welding splatter.


The box itself has a part number 1184/A and was made by FM Co in 1941

The closing clip has a part number EL12164 and was also made by FM Co in 41.

The strap retaining clip has a part number such as  L7 .. 8

Does anyone recognize it and know where it goes and if specific in which vehicle.?

I won't say what it was sold as until it is clear what it actually is.







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Ok I was Ok with Universal Carrier as it was painted green. I have spent all week looking at UC boxes and none fit.

Today I electro de rusted it and the green has come off and it  was painted grey underneath.

I was told it was Churchill when I bought it.

The maker is FM Co.  and dated 41. Which may not be Ford and may be another maker ?

Thank you for considering.



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Can I ask one final question that may be obvious to you all- so I apologise if it is a stupid one..

Ford UK made the Universal Carrier at Dagenham  - I assume from late 30's.onwards/

Ford of Canada made the Universal Carrier in Canada production starting in 1941.

Ford US made the T16  with production started in 43.

From the stamped FMCO 41 can anyone say if it was made at Dagenham or in Canada ?

Thank you for your patience.

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