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Ike Jacket

Nick Bombini

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Hi Nick,

very nice looking battledress blouse, i am wondering if you have taken in to account that the waist measurments on these jackets apply to higher part of the body than what is recognised as a "waist" in modern speaking (here in the U.K. any way.)

My problem is that i can never get a waist measurment to fit unless it is a very large jacket :lol:



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Hi all,

we still wore these in the cadet force whilst i was at school in the early `70 s, in fact all our gear was pre 1945.


Also in the early eighties i was given almost 60 complete sets of British battle dress but noboddy wanted them as collectables ,so i gave them away one by one eventually


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I thought you guys might like to see this. My grandfather picked up a 1942 British made Ike jacket that looks like it was never issued at a yard sale. The jacket has no mothing and has no dirt or grease stains. The unfortunate thing is it is very small and I can't fit into it.





Nice Battle Dress, wanna sell it?

If so send me a personal message.

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Very nice jacket. Thanks for the photo as I have never seen a British Ike jacket. I have several American Ike jackets and I really the ones that were originally class A dress tunics that have been cut down into an Ike jacket. I wish the United States Army still had uniforms as dressey as the uniforms of WWII. Thanks for sharing the beautiful find of an Ike jacket.

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AD, I just now noticed your post :shock:. I guess I'm a bit slow. You are quite welcome for the photo and if you would like any more, just let me know.


My grandpa picked this up at a yard sale. When I first bought my truck (CCKW), he was opposed to it because it is so big but now he can't wait to see it on the road again. Every time he goes to a yardsale now, the first thing he does is ask if they have any military stuff. One time he picked up a duffel bag w/ a kevlar helmet, full chemical suit (minus the mask), sleeping bag, etc. for $10 USD.

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