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XE/D 2kW Xenon Lamp for Centurion Tank


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Could somebody enlighten me about the fitment of these bulbs to the Centurion tank, I bought this last week at the local carboot, I picked it up and the seller claimed it was for a Centurion tank, so as it was only a £1, I decided to buy it. When I googled the part number, it does say fitted to Centurion tank but I can find no more info than this ? It's claimed it's for a searchlight but I can't find any details/pictures showing this.

http://www.lamptech.co.uk/Spec Sheets/D G Xe Thorn XED 2000W.htm


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It needs a high voltage from the Tesla transformer to get it going, take care if you try to get it to work.  I also suspect it should be contained behind a screen in case it explodes.

The rating on the box states 85 amps but at 2kW/24V I think that should be 8.5 amps.

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