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Dimensions of trailers used by British and Commonwealth WWII and Post WWII - BAOR /BFG

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Good evening gentlefolk of the HMVF   I've a request for little assistance if possible.  I'm former REME VM with a few hobbies, one is  scale model making (1:35) and I'm  working on getting a fleet of models of the kit I worked on  or with during my service and also those that REME have used over the course of time.   At the moment I'm looking for the dimensions of the 2 Whld 10 and 20Qwt Trl from WWII and also the 1T 2 whl trailer ( Brockhouse / Rubery Owen?),  also the 4 Wheeled versions of the Brockhouse / Rubery Owen versions used as office / binner trailers and as the 27KVA flat bed version. 

Dimensions of wheel base and draw bar angles would be great as well as any pictures that might be usable for taking dimensions to scale down.      Best regards  Dai B

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Trailer Cargo (1tonne) FV2401 (two wheel) - H: 1220 mm (48"), L: 3150 mm (135"), W: 2080 mm (82"), Track 1710 mm (67 ").  Wheels -  rims: 6.5x16 divided, Tyres 9.00x16.

Trailer Flat Platform (2 tonne) FV 2520 (four wheel) - H: 750 mm (30.5"), L: 7650 mm (302"), W: 2360 mm (93"), Wheelbase: 3660mm (154"), Track, front and rear 2060 mm (81 ").  Wheels -  rims: 6.5Hx16 divided, Tyres 9.00x16 10n ply.

(Source - British Military Vehicles 1971 and 1981 published by MVEE)

The books don't include the office trailers unfortunately, but 1:76 scale plans of those (and the other two) exist.

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