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3HW pannier set up.


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Hi, lots on here about about Triumph bikes at present which is good timing from my point of view, still on the steep part of the learning curve with this stuff at the moment...

Pics show the 1942 3HW I'm getting to grips with, and the next issue on the list for attention is - the rear mudguard stay/pannier frame set up.

Im familiar with the 3SW set up with oval section stays and the rear carrier on the mudguard, and the later 3HW set up with two lugs on the mudguard each side which connect direct to the pannier frame.

I seem to have something in between on the mudguard - one oval stay each side (sawn off short on the near side) and one lug for the pannier frame . The result is that nothing connects up properly and both set-ups here are fighting for who gets to bolt onto the chainguard!

Is there an interim arrangement between the earlier and later mudguard stay/pannier frame options for 3HW? If so what does it look like?

Just for info, the oval stay each side of the guard and the pannier lug each side of the guard are riveted in place to the guard. This doesn't seem to be a bolt-on lash up!

Any guidance gratefully received, thankyou.









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Hello Rupert. You definitely have a mudguard from an earlier model. Either a very early 3HW or more likely one of the SW models. 

I had the opposite effect as my 5SW came with a 3HW rear guard and panniers, so I had to de-rivet everything, weld up redundant holes and fit the new oval stays that Jan made.  Looks like you only have to move the front bracket.

BTW I cheated with the rivets as I haven't got the facility to close steel rivets, so I mig welded them underneath.  Ron

Scan_20201024 (2).jpg




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Hi Ron, thanks for clarifying the mudguard stay/pannier set up on my bike.

So it's a choice of going either to the SW set up or the later 3HW arrangement, no half-and-half arrangement was produced by Triumph. Or leave the current lash-up alone!

Reading between the lines, I guess my bike being an early one (7/42) may originally have had the SW set up, then had the minimum adaption done to it (by the army?) to accept the pannier frame to standardise it with later models in use?

Incidentally, I have no intention to 'restore' this bike, just do the necessary to get it on the road: replace wrong or missing parts with correct/period replacements and carry out any remedial work sympathetically - patina isn't yet available in a tin! The correct C number which I've added to the tank for example, 'aged' so it doesn't stick out like a sore thumb (oil based Magnolia egg-shell paint, leave it to go off for a week then scrub it with the scotchbrite side of a wet pan scourer till it fades and loses definition).

All good fun and thanks again for your help.

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Well if you want to go the early route (So far I don't think I've seen a picture of one in service) Then Jan makes the stays and rear carrier. But the panniers are very handy. I'll see if I can find where I threw the brackets I removed??? 

You mention replacing incorrect and post war parts. I see quite a few, so that's a sound scheme. But you also mention "Patina" !!! Since it's had at least one post war re-paint, the patina is long gone.   Ron


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