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Mystery Rev Counter

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Can anyone suggest what this rev counter is from please? It's just under 4" across, brass bezel with matt green paint, tin case. The dial indicates intantaneous rpm up to 4,000 and the digits appear to show cumulative revolutions in thousands. I came across it in one of my grandad's old spares tins, along with a few other WD and vintage meters. Knowing the old boy's collecting habits I'd guess it at WW2 or earlier, but welcome more educated suggestions. It still works.

Thanks, John



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Thanks all for suggestions. Definitely not a Jeep, I have one!

It could be American. Canadians were billeted outside Grandad's house in the war and he bartered with them. The one photo I have appears to show CMP pattern trucks and maybe a Ram tank. The Elgins armour delivery unit were in the village, so perhaps a US made tank is a likely candidate.

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