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  1. Very useful link, thanks OzH.
  2. Just to round this off: I dismantled the Bendix and found a component inside was broken in two, the plunger, I think it's called. A new Bendix from East Coast Jeeps seems to have solved the problem. It was sold as being suitable for 6V and 12V, so hopefully it will stay fixed. Fingers crossed.
  3. I have a 1943 GPW with a 12 volt conversion. Not fitted by me, it's the way it came. It has the original type of 6 volt starter which most of the time works fine but occasionally makes either a terrible graunching noise or just fails to engage and whirrs away. The problem is more prevalent when the engine is warm. There is a new ring gear on the flywheel, fitted as part of a recent engine rebuilt, and a new spindle bush in the bell housing. I've cleaned and inspected the starter, everything looks fine and moves the way it should do. I've read conflicting stories about using a 6 volt star
  4. Thanks Adrian, it's nice to know.
  5. Thanks all for suggestions. Definitely not a Jeep, I have one! It could be American. Canadians were billeted outside Grandad's house in the war and he bartered with them. The one photo I have appears to show CMP pattern trucks and maybe a Ram tank. The Elgins armour delivery unit were in the village, so perhaps a US made tank is a likely candidate.
  6. Can anyone suggest what this rev counter is from please? It's just under 4" across, brass bezel with matt green paint, tin case. The dial indicates intantaneous rpm up to 4,000 and the digits appear to show cumulative revolutions in thousands. I came across it in one of my grandad's old spares tins, along with a few other WD and vintage meters. Knowing the old boy's collecting habits I'd guess it at WW2 or earlier, but welcome more educated suggestions. It still works. Thanks, John
  7. Thank you. I'm sure I will have plenty of occasions to consult the forum's experts, and hopefully be able to give something back of my own experiences.
  8. Hello, a newbie here. This is our 1943 GPW wearing the colours of the Canadian South Saskatchewan Regiment. Soldiers of the SSRs befriended our family when they were billeted in our village during the months up to D-Day, and corresponded for many years afterwards. The Elgins were also in the village, Hartley Wintney. The Jeep is parked in front of the Womens' Institute hut, which was the soldiers' canteen. Our gran worked there as a cook. Posted today in honour of the SSRs and all Canadian servicemen. John
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