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Austin k9 chassis number location

Anton, zil131


Hi I've just purchased a Austin k9

Reg number usv615

I want to apply for new v5 but I'm struggling to find a chassis number 

I've checked on dvla website vehicle is a 1959  but wasn't registered till much later 1986

Just wanted to put has much info as possible on v5 application form to stop it bouncing bk to me

Based in Derbyshire 

Any help greatly appreciated 

Cheers anton 








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On 8/7/2020 at 9:26 PM, cosrec said:

i can vouch for above statement i put a set of twin wheels of a commer artic on mine believe 10.50 x20 rolling radius was roughly the same no problem with transmission wind up. but sheared n/s half shaft twice and wrecked diff once in a year. But that was probably due to some of the insane jobs we tried to do with it on recovery

apologies just trying to find a picture to put on and remembered it was a morris MRA1 i put the twin wheels on. Could not find pictures either

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