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  1. Thanks Phil to be honest it doesn't recover well when revs are low changing up But I'm really struggling coming down box I checked gearbox oil today level is ok and doesn't seem that old I'm going to jack it up at weekend and check clutch adjustment I think it's fine but just want to check it's clearing fully Need to go through ignition and give carb a overall to I think most of the problem is still me need to get used to the gearbox Thanks for the advice though 👍👍
  2. I suppose the real issue is most of us never grew up having to drive crash gearboxes And now with full synchro and semi auto gearboxes they do everything for us
  3. Well at least when you're taught that way it soon becomes second nature and hopefully it stops you pushing one down a bank or even worse dropping one on the road 🤔😭
  4. I've only had vehicle a few weeks not sure about selector fork material I've managed to download a workshop manual and just use whatever oil it requires To be on the safe side Cheers anton
  5. 9Not sure about oil viscosity level is ok If things don't get any easier will have to drain it and check specs and replace it Cheers anton
  6. Not sure about oil viscosity level is ok If things don't get any easier will have to drain it and check specs and replace it Cheers anton
  7. It is quite easy going up box but a real struggle coming down lol Like you say can only get easier with time ! Hopefully 👍
  8. I drive artics with synchro boxes So it could be just a steep learning curve Thanks guys for your input Will do a few more trips out take on board what you, ve said and see how it goes Cheers anton
  9. Quite possible might be changing at to higher speed Will try it again in week see how it goes Cheers anton
  10. Clutch adjustment seems fine pedal is a bit high but she's fine going up box Might be worth checking that clutch is clearing with wheels off ground Cheers anton
  11. Hi guys took my commer fire engine out over the weekend it has the cylinder petrol sloper engine with 4 speed crash gearbox, I'm really struggling coming bk down gears going up box is fine but really struggling 4th to 3rd And need to be at walking pace for 2nd gear I'm double declutching coming down box and blipping throttle a little to help things along but still struggling Also what are your thoughts on fitting fully synthetic oil to gearbox So engine and gearbox speeds stay closer for longer I know this will open a can of worms but any help tips would be appreciated Cheers anton
  12. I've sourced a pair through eBay thanks for your help 👍 Cheers anton
  13. Thanks much appreciated will see what I can find Cheers anton
  14. Hi guys I have an early commer qx fire engine Wich as the ealier style sidelights mounted in the front wings unfortunately mine are both missing Can anyone help find replacements, or part numbers to source replacements Cheers anton
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