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  1. Hi guys I have an early commer qx fire engine Wich as the ealier style sidelights mounted in the front wings unfortunately mine are both missing Can anyone help find replacements, or part numbers to source replacements Cheers anton
  2. Hi guys finally got the logbook backfor the k9 Just a paperwork excersize It was taxed in 1999 So was obviously on their records Comparitavely recently Thanks for all your input Full steam ahead with the restoration now Will post pictures of the progress Cheers anton
  3. No problem had a look today and its got 8.25, s on rear and obviously 9x 20,s on front all tyres will need replacing anyway so might just fit 8.25,s all round Cheers anton
  4. Hi guys thanks for the heads up about the wind up not sure what size rear wheels are I would think 7.50 or 8.00 Definitely not 9,s I have a twin boom mid 50,s Harvey frost crane to put in the back of truck want to build a period wrecker so want to keep the twin wheels on rear don't think I will cever need the four wheel drive anyway unless it's snow ploughing weather then it will probably cope with the wind up Cheers anton
  5. It looks like a solid gloss orange and it must have been a full top coat colour as dvla have truck listed as orange on their website I know some of the so called red led was actually orange though ๐Ÿ‘
  6. Hi Wally I assumed my truck had been uprated having the unusual twin rear wheels according to dvla website my trucks revinue weight is 6000kg Thanks for the info anyway cheers Still waiting for logbook back wish I had applied for it on line now
  7. Hi Sean yes I think that is a safe bet I will let you know how I get on Thanks for the info and pictures Wally greatly appreciated Cheers anton
  8. Managed to get a picture of the tag in the glove box lid But number is different to the aluminium tag I found on floor inside the cab???? Also the tag in drivers chassis rail near steering box has rotted off๐Ÿ˜’
  9. 6300lbs Is 2850 kg approx So gvw would be 5 or 6 tonne Cheers anton
  10. Hi Sean The tag inside the glove box lid is brass will take pictures tomorrow Need to check o/s chassis rail near steering box like you said The k9, s are a new thing for me some of the data I've read gives gvw of 4950 But I suppose they where used quite widely and diversly so you may well be right with the over 6 tonne gvw The orange is really orange like a b and q orange definitely not red oxide Cheers anton
  11. Today I have also found a i'd tag riveted to the inside of the glove box lid says quote for spares a brass plaque with 6 digits on but they are different to the chassis tag pictured before??? The plate is missing from left hand chassis rail although you can see where it once was The rear axle looks narrower than normal and the wheel track on rear is only slightly wider than front It's also plated at 6000 kg. Not 4950 like most k9, s according to the dvla information held Also confusingly the original paintwork is orange everywhere underneath the camo green
  12. No can't see anything on chassis rails Found a small tag detached lying on floor in cab rusted off but not sure if it's the tag used on this vehicle or whether it's from something else (another vehicle perhaps)
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