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James ML inlet manifold needed

Tom M

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I am very near completion of my wartime James ML, which I have owned for over 10 years. It was sat in boxes for many years, awaiting a set of wheels, then when the wheels were sourced it awaited free time. With a recent injection of effort recently, I’ve just finished building the wheels up and was determined to get the bike on the road in the next few weeks. However, I’ve just trial fitted the carburettor and found that when the engine came back from the machine shop 10 years ago, it came back with the wrong inlet manifold, so I’m stumped.

Does anyone have a spare inlet manifold that they would be willing to sell or swap, to help me get this bike finished and back on the road? The part I’m looking for is circled below. Unfortunately the one on my engine doesn’t have the 45 degree angle, so the carburettor sits at a 45 degree angle, which won’t work.

Any leads would be greatly appreciated. I’ve scoured eBay, and asked Villiers services, but no luck so far.

Many thanks,

Tom Millward


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