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Flying Flea restore


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my name is Daniel and l am new here on this forum. l am on the way to restore a flea. There is a lot I don‘t understand. First the color were they original shine or mat and what will you think that l shall take? And the exhaust system, was that chrome, or what else?

l am happy if someone will answer me




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As far as I know, the 1942/3 Fleas would have been 'Service Brown' (BS 499) The 1944 bikes would have been 'British Olive Drab' (BS 298). The exhaust system was dull silver (Mat Chrome, Cadmium Plate?). Here's my 43 in Service Brown, I used a VHT  silver (aluminium) aerosol can on my exhaust.  Ron



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I use matt paint and then rub it over with WD40. There are 4 of the thick rubbers (Hitchcock's have them) But they don't have the longer thinner middle band.https://www.hitchcocksmotorcycles.com/partsbook-pages/3914

I have a spare one. PM me with your email address if you need it.

I would also contact Rob Van Meel for parts book and manual. http://robvanmeel.nl/



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