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  1. Hi thank you, l am already in contact with someone. He will sell me one. Greetings
  2. Thank you l registered at the flying flea facebook. Itˆs a very helpful site. I will ask for help there.
  3. Hello, I am looking for a flywheel for my Flying Flea. Could someone help me please? Greetings from Switzerland
  4. Hi, l d‘like to make a stencil for my Tanknumber. Can somebody tell me what l need for a scripture My PC has Ariel, Times Roman etc. what shall l take? Greetings
  5. Hi Ron l am from Switzerland. I have my Flea already brushed with the Color that you recommanded me. It looks great
  6. Villiersparts are sold out. Is there a other possibility
  7. Thank you for your answer. I order it
  8. Hello together, l am looking for a ignition coil for my Flying Flea. ls there somebody who has one for me. Or do you know someone who has one? Or do you have an address of someone who can rewind my old coil? I‘m thankful for every answer. Greetings Daniel Bruegger
  9. Thank you Ron, l have ordered the BS 499 color and the parts books from Van Meel. l have alredy the thin rubber band. But l need a hub dust excluder for the rear wheel, left side. l appreciate your infos
  10. thank you Ron for your answer. A great vehicle, is that silkmat or mat. I was able to find a suspension rubber set for the DKW 100 in Germany, but now l am not sure are there two fork suspensions rubber on each side and a rubber sleeve?
  11. Hi, my name is Daniel and l am new here on this forum. l am on the way to restore a flea. There is a lot I don‘t understand. First the color were they original shine or mat and what will you think that l shall take? And the exhaust system, was that chrome, or what else? l am happy if someone will answer me Daniel
  12. Hi my name is Daniel and l live in Switzerland. l am collecting uniforms. l have two swiss army uniforms all original vintage and complete one is 1875 and the oder 1898. I am also owner of two british uniforms a KD and a BD. With the WW2 uniforms l have not always to walk because in this time exist a lot of different vehicles. I decided to restore a Flying Flea because it is very small and l can load into my car. I am glad to meet some new people. Greetings Daniel
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