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Colt 45, Real or replica?


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Hello All,

I've been asked by a non member of the Forum to appeal for information on a Colt 45 pistol that was recently acquired. It was assumed that it was a replica but certain features are what you would expect of a real weapon (The gun can be stripped down to component parts) so it would be helpful if someone could identify exactly what it is please?

Thanks in advance.








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BKA replica guns, but I haven't found a Colt M1911 A1. 

Images of other BKA pistols:-


Just found this:-

"BKA" is a German sign of approval for a deactivated weapon"


Unfortunately I haven't found any images of "BKA" on a replica or deac. 

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This M1911A1 is a "DENIX" replica, made in Spain. Apparently an old one, I had exactly the same some time ago.

It does indeed strip like the original but is clearly a replica, and not a part would fit a "real" weapon. Nor would I try to shoot it given the low-quality metal used for its fabrication...

My penny worth... 😉



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