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Ferretfest 15/16th September. RE Museum Chatham

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Not a very good turnout for the Royal Engineers Ferretfest at the Corps Museum at Chatham this w/e. Intended to backup the veteran's reunion over the w/e, on the Saturday which I attended with my Mk1 Ferret only 6 other Ferrets and a Dingo appeared with 3 more on the Sunday. I believe it was muted earlier that up to 40 vehicles would be there.

If they intend running the event next year I suggest they organise accommodation as they do at Pirbright and try to arrange a road run or other attractions. Unless entrants are very local, its an expensive operation to take an armoured vehicle backwards and forwards over 2 days. An excellent museum but once you have visited its a long time to stand around for the rest of the day without other attractions.

Good job the mobile 40's NAAFI was in attendance otherwise we would have all starved !

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sorry if this was advertised on here but its the first I've heard of it.


I have been to other shows at Chatham and in my experience they do seem to have a problem about advertising outside of their immediate area. When I went to the VE day show they seemed surprised someone was coming all the way from Surrey.

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Yep, I think that was the problem - no advertising.

I was told by a RE veteran and I believe it was also in the IMPS event diary but that was about it.

However even if they achieve numbers next year, I reiterate the thoughts in my previous message - a lot more effort will have to go in to looking after entrants when they are on site.



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