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There may be some numbers somewhere but I've not really had a good look, guessing 6 speed and reverse. I assume the rod on the gearstick is a reverse interlock  

It came attached to an Albion en286 engine which had been used to re engine a trencher so engine and box are probably not an original pairing? The bit of tin on the back is part of this conversion. 

Certainly looks 40's to 50's, and it is a very heavy lump so must be out of something quite substantial

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Does it turn at all? If so I'd be interested please but not sure how/when I could pick it up as we're very busy right now in the run-up to Normandy. If you wouldn't mind strapping it to a pallet I could have it collected?

For info. it could be Ward laFrance or Diamond T 969.

 - MG

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