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What gearbox is this



Hello everyone,

so, like I said in my introduction, i here because I'm searching for information.

I'm currently rebuilding an old small tractor. I was build in the by an blacksmith in the Jura mountains, not to far away from Lyon. He buid something about 150-200 exemplars of this tractor. Here is an picture of it :


The brand is Putigny, and it is from 1957. He have 12 bhp and a top speed from.... 18 KM/H, a real racer! 😎

Something to know, back in the 50's a lot of brands was created and they start to build tractors base on engines from suppliers and gearboxes from the spare parts stock how was left behind by the US army during WW2.

So you can find sometimes French tractors with a French engine and a GMC axle, like for example Agrip.

M. Duprat, tracteur forestier Agrip-diesel ARD 40 (Lignières, Cher, France, années '50)

This is for the background. Now as far as I know the gearbox and the rear axle from my little one are from an Ford from WW2, but I'm not sure and I don't know much more about it.

So, here are some pictures from my gearbox and rear axle because I really want to know more about it, so I can look after spare parts in case of.




The only inscription I found on the rear axle








So, if someone can tell me something about this, It will be great.


Thank you really much and merci


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Good afternoon everybody,

So this is definitive a good hint, the one in the video looks a little bit older to me but it's definitive the same conception. So the rear axle is clear, now I know in witch direction I have to go. 

And for the gear box, I followed your hint on Google, and I found some pictures from GMC gearboxes and after a few minutes I found this :


That's a hole in one, so it has to be a Dodge WC gearbox. Superbe! 😁 And I have find plenty of spare parts for this gearbox, even here in France.

So this was a quick reply guys, I'm really happy, so thank you really much.

Now, if someone have some ideas where I can find some spare parts because I need the sealings from the rearaxle. It's a sort of an

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