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Foden 8x4 DROPS

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In the fording trials posted by Keith Sanders there is a photo showing an 8x4 low mobility Foden delivering a Muir Hill tractor using a DROPS type system.  My book of army reg numbers has Foden 8x4 17GB85/87/88 clearly listed as DROPS but I was under the impression that DROPS only referred to the later 8x6 Leyland DAF and Foden models. The rack and handling arm are slightly different, were these a conversion by Boughton or some one similar and how many were produced?


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29 minutes ago, Richard Farrant said:

I thought the rack system on the 8x4 Foden was called Ampliroll or similar, and made by Boughtons.

Could be, Ampliroll is a US system made by Marrel.  The Foden kit looks like an adaptation of a commercial 'big hook' system used for collecting waste bins but I don't remember it ever being referred to as DROPS.

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1 hour ago, wally dugan said:

The hook is a multilift mk 1v full technical description can be found in 2320-r-302-101 also can be seen clearly in the Scammell / Foden drops trial video

Indeed Wally but the 8x4 Foden has a different arrangement without the extra pivot and rams at the end of the arm as seen on the 8x6 versions. It predates the later DROPS by some 15 years.

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