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Triumph 3SW 3HW Field Stand


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These are my hybrid’s Field Stand, the spring clip is welded on too far up and the stand would foul the bag rack when opened up.

 I ve seen pictures of 3HWs with the clip’s further down the tube.

my question is 1/ is the field stand genuine Triumph 2/ are the 3HW spring clip’s bolted on or welded and are they available anywhere.








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This is the field stand and retaining clips on my Feb 1945 3HW, that had 6 months road use after being sold out of service as unissued war stock.  The slight bend in the stand is either a post war mod, or the result of a slight whoops when in use.

Hope that helps.....Gareth


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Graham the field stand you have (complete with spring clip) is for a BSA WM20 and will be easy to sell on. 

The earlier WD Triumph's didn't have a welded on field stand pivot lug. It was quite a complicated clamp on. Back in the summer, I was lucky enough to acquire a complete original Triumph field stand which even has the part number stamped into the clamp. This is now on my 5SW. There should be a metal plate welded near the bottom of the down tube as in Gareth's picture, with the two piece Triumph spring clip bolted to it. I had to make and weld this plate on and can give measurements if required.

I do happen to have a spare "repro" Triumph field stand and a pair of spring clips.......Which are now hard to find.





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Thanks Ron, 

I think until I find a complete Triumph bolt on version this will be staying and I’ll cut off the clip and weld it further down the tube so it doesn’t foul the pannier base. By the sounds of it I’ll be searching a long time 🙂

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