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  1. Its case of the old saw, 'buy the item not the story'
  2. They weren't allowed to, there were orders strictly forbidding the torching of vehicles, according to my old workmate. Thoughts about that are 1, not to give away positions, 2, not to create an even greater impression of defeat, panic and disorder then was absolutely necessary. My mate was told park-up drop the sump plug, seize the engine, shot or two through the radiator, walk away.
  3. I am almost certain that is a Bofors loading tray.
  4. Just before he died a few weeks ago, my late Uncle told me that they buried quite a few Churchill tank hulls on the Castlemartin ranges. I think they were making hillocks and bumps for what ever purpose. he was RE heavy earth moving in the 1950's
  5. I keep getting page unavailable, I have to try several times.
  6. This is mine, if its any help.
  7. I have almost completed my WD pattern panniers for the Triumph 3HW, just the leather corners and snap caps to fit and I am quite chuffed with the way they have come out. The material I used is authentic wartime dated canvas, that came from a 1940 bell tent, which sadly didn't make it into preservation due to severe damage on a couple of sections. I have got a couple of other items to make for the bike, which will be pure BS, but since when have we been worried about over dressing MVs
  8. I found this on the web years ago and filed it.
  9. My old workmate said they were 'ordered', not to burn their vehicles, but to drop the sump plug, jam the accelerator, and let them seize up - which just made a gift of thousands of vehicles to the Germans. He didn't know for certain, but he thought the official reason was so the smoke didn't interfere with RAF operations, but as he said, it might have put the Luftwaffe off their aim as well.
  10. A question I have been trying to confirm the answer to as my bike might have been one, did Triumph buy back unissued WD bikes and refurbish them for the immediate post war market? My Feb 1945 3HW, was when I got it, sprayed black to a high standard, had full civilian rubbers and a civi' spec speedo had been fitted, other than that it was still in full military spec, with green paint under the black, with no markings on the tank. I doubt if the dealers who sold the bike would have done it, they weren't that sort of firm and the original owner certainly didn't as he only used it for 9 mont
  11. I simply bought mine of EBay, but it is too light in weight, I suspect the originals were thicker. However it is a good practice piece. Somewhere I have a dead khaki bell tent, with several good panels, which would be right in weight if slightly brown in colour. By the time you have rounded up all the fittings and materials, I doubt if you have saved much over the Indian made repro's, but mine will be unique, because I made them. If I ever find that tent I will make some more.
  12. Thanks, I found what looks to be the correct fitting and size and have ordered some.
  13. I am having a most enjoyable make, producing a pair of WD pattern canvas panniers for my Triumph 3HW, but I am slightly stuck on the snap connectors that are fixed to the leather corners that go over the pannier frames and snap the bag to the frame. Anybody know the correct name and size of these fastenings so I can order some? Thanks..........Gareth
  14. Often, the public have access to the show arena when the parade is stationary, so is the RTA switched on and off as the public are excluded or permitted onto the arena.
  15. Castlemartin rings a bell, I should be in contact over the holiday, so I will try and remember to ask.
  16. My Uncle was a Royal Engineer regular, in heavy earth moving. He said one of jobs was they were constructing a tank training area in Wales and the hillocks that the tanks had to climb, had a core of Churchill tanks stacked on top of each other, which were then buried under tons of earth.
  17. Well you are perfectly at leave to test your theory in court, but the EU have pressurized the Goverment into stating that its deactivation specifications were defective, and ALL current de-acts will have to be brought up to the new spec' when they leave your possession either by sale, transfer or death. The Goverment didn't make a mistake, it standards just weren't up to the panic stricken thrashings of the EU, post Paris shootings. Intially they wanted to scrap everything. There is little chance these laws will be repealed even if we leave the EU because the aim of the UK Govermen
  18. I think it is being published after the election.
  19. There is no getting around the change of spec, that was placed into UK law by TM when she was HS. Holders of old spec deacts have until sometime in 2022 to notify the 'authority' that they hold them. All changes of ownership must be with new spec deacts, with new penalties coming into force from Dec 12. If I remember correctly (I may be wrong) you are not allowed to do work on your own property to bring them up to the new spec and submit for re-proofing. It has been suggested that the limited number of places which are authorised to do the work will create a backlog of some 20
  20. Yes it was and I have the two original tax discs for my machine, but as I have returned to W.D. specification the scenario is that it remained in service with the W.D. post-war staying within the UK, so would it have displayed an ordinary tax disc, (which I have) or would the W.D. have something of their own at that time?
  21. My newly running Triumph 3HW, was actually sold off in 1947, but had she remained in service in the UK, would she have displayed a tax disc and if so, what type? Thanks in anticipation.........Gareth
  22. It was being worked on at the Havenstreet 40's weekend. it didn't go to the steam show when the pigs were on.
  23. SHE'S ALIVE!! Thanks to the splendid efforts of fellow 3HW owner and good friend Peter Brown, my 1945 Triumph 3HW ran today for the first time since I bought it in 1985, and probably for the first time since 1947, when it was put in an East Cowes shed. Several attempts to get it going had been made at the Havenstreet Steam Railway 40's show, without success, which was hardly surprising as it would appear I put the timing gears back 90 degrees out when I fettled the engine twenty plus years ago (I was still learning). I am delighted that Peter's efforts have been rewarded, so a photo of
  24. thank you one and all, an interesting collection of documents had to be stuffed into those little wallets.
  25. You often see the plastic MOD vehicle document wallets for sale, but apart from a natty piece of plywood, I have never seen what they contained, what a document set would look like or what was recorded on said bumf. Anybody got any photos of the contents or could enlighten me on what they contained? Does anyone religiously fill one in for their own MV?
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