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Foden front mount exhaust


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Hi all,

hoping one you can help / confirm something for me. 

I am looking for an exhaust silencer for my ERF but struggling to find a part number and wondered if it was the same size as the front mounted exhaust on the Foden EKA. 

It’s a front mount, behind bumper style. Currently exits to the drivers side but doesn’t matter which side really. 

Measurements are 42 1/2” x 10 1/2” diameter with in and outs of 4” diameter. 

Is this the same size as a Foden exhaust and does anyone know of a part number or supplier?

Any help gratefully received, photos attached  



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Thanks for the response, i was / am hoping to find an off the shelf silencer, mainly in the hope it would be cheaper than a custom made. 

I have contacted a couple of places that make truck systems either for a customer unit or for a universal unit that fits the size requirements. 

Not sure if the exhaust exiting away from pedestrians is law or something that possibly came in, in later years but this old girl definitely exits to the drivers side as standard. As did many old british trucks. 

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