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This Band Of Brothers


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  • 3 weeks later...


Give me a chance to finish it, Jack.............................. :-D :-D



With the number of books I've on the shelf, I'd be doing nothing else for weeks;................... :whistle:



But you have had it for more than a week now :whistle:

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Jack is on you like a trap isn't he? I just read.. Give us a review! For out of print books try Amazon, they have links to book dealers, just enter your wants. I've got several goood quality copies of out of print books , for not a lot of money.




:-) :-) I'm guessing he's spent far too long smelling the smoke/steam from his kelly kettle..............whats brewing, Jack ?? Birch Bark tea ??


Myself, charity shops and the libary sales, tend to be where I find stuff;.......even though I wasn't looking for them, at the time. :whistle:


Just today I've picked up,

A tale of two battles; (Crete and Sidi rezegh, Western Desert. 1941) by Geoffrey Cox.

A Harbour goes to war; (Mulberry)



Good job the season has slowed down, give me a chance to catch up on book pile. ;-)

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details as follows.................

Author, Jeremy Taylor

pub by, The White Swan Press LTd. Bristol 1

pub date, 1947


no isbn, guess they were not about when this book was published. :dunno:


Good Luck.




As far as revieing book so far,................(I'm only 1/4 way through) it seems to be an overview the history and setting up of motorised reconnaissance units.

I'm in the Torbruk/Bir Hacheim area, 'Knightsbridge Box', actions at the mo.


Full review asap. :-)


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