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RAF Upwood/Ramsey 1940s Weekend 18th-19th August 2007

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Here's my pictures from a rather nice weekend, despite the rain


Start off with a look at some of the classic civilian vehicles on display


width=640 height=480http://img510.imageshack.us/img510/589/reliantgk6.jpg[/img]


Grandfather of the 'plastic pig', a 1930's Reliant van


width=640 height=480http://img258.imageshack.us/img258/4489/dennisaceuf6.jpg[/img]


1938 Dennis Ace fire engine (it was 'ace'! Badum tish!)


width=640 height=480http://img512.imageshack.us/img512/7702/fordsone83wrf7.jpg[/img]


My favourite, the Fordson E83W Thames van, probably 1940s built but they first entered production in 1938, i've seen a lot of photos of these in use as YMCA tea vans in WW2, there's even a website dedicated to them http://www.e83w.co.uk


width=640 height=480http://img512.imageshack.us/img512/575/steamrollerhx4.jpg[/img]


The great thing about the steamroller was that even when it drove past you, you still had time to get your camera out, turn it on, then walk at a normal speed and get a decent photo of it about ten metres from where you started!


width=640 height=480http://img520.imageshack.us/img520/1507/fordsonte2.jpg[/img]


Oi loves moi tra'ers!


Onto the military stuff


width=640 height=480http://img502.imageshack.us/img502/5163/carrierij1.jpg[/img]


One of two carriers with 'Tramps in Armour' (I still reckon they have the coolest name of any re-enactment group ever)


width=640 height=480http://img520.imageshack.us/img520/9104/humberambulanceyc4.jpg[/img]


Very rare Humber ambulance which was also at Nene Valley


width=640 height=480http://img520.imageshack.us/img520/4601/matadorgq7.jpg[/img]


AEC Matador


width=640 height=480http://img520.imageshack.us/img520/6386/fordsonwot2qs6.jpg[/img]


Fordson WOT2 15 cwt truck


width=640 height=421http://img520.imageshack.us/img520/2443/lanc1cb4.jpg[/img]


BBMF Lancaster put on an awesome display, enjoyed it even more as Upwood was an ex-Lancaster base (156 Squadron who Summer of 44 were portraying)


width=640 height=420http://img520.imageshack.us/img520/8571/lanc2jh3.jpg[/img]


width=640 height=463http://img520.imageshack.us/img520/3979/lanc3ba5.jpg[/img]


width=370 height=493http://img520.imageshack.us/img520/7881/opskb6.jpg[/img]


Gary and Ramsey off on 'ops'


width=640 height=480http://img520.imageshack.us/img520/4606/ramesg1.jpg[/img]


Singing in the rain


width=640 height=480http://img504.imageshack.us/img504/9533/rainwt1.jpg[/img]


Who doesn't love sleeping in pup tents?! Well, me, which is why I just put my kit in there and slept in one of the 160lb'ers!


width=640 height=480http://img179.imageshack.us/img179/5262/display1br1.jpg[/img]


Photo of our display with a rather nice 1943 Ford GPW, courtesy of Robert Langham


width=640 height=480http://img265.imageshack.us/img265/3431/display2ye7.jpg[/img]


Another pic


width=640 height=480http://img504.imageshack.us/img504/8344/jeepic1ik6.jpg[/img]


width=348 height=350http://www.iwmcollections.org.uk/media/images/Photographs/Image/B_005998.jpg[/img]


Didn't have a mk III Sten unfortunately


width=640 height=480http://img166.imageshack.us/img166/1927/jeepic2os2.jpg[/img]


Just waiting to scan in the WW2 photo of this, but the pose and angle etc are perfect, on the original pic the guy even has the tattoo on the right place!


width=640 height=480http://img166.imageshack.us/img166/6451/mejeeprz1.jpg[/img]


Me? Pose? Never!


width=640 height=480http://img258.imageshack.us/img258/6564/jeeptq4.jpg[/img]


Nice pic of the Jeep itself, soon to be in Leicestershire Regiment markings

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is that am MW the two 'fliers', are standing behind ??


Great Pic's,...cheers for sharing





Yep, an RAF blue one - there were three MW's in total there, although was running out of space on my camera's memory card so only photo'ed the one

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