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Footmanloop, cleat and lashing hooks on Bedford MWD

Danny P

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Gathered some information about the footman loops, lashing and cleat hooks on the GS body of a Bedford MWD. I wonder how they are fitted and therefore I would like to present the below picture as a starting point.

From left to right: cleat hook, lashing hook, footman loop


The choice of fasteners in the above picture is based on the information in the “Bedford authorised service parts” catalogue as presented within the red box in the list below. However, the fasteners for the footman loops are not listed anywhere in the catalogue but it is my own interpretation of which I would like to know if this is correct? I am not sure whether screws, flat washers (large or small), possibly lock washers and nuts are used or only wood screws are used (not presented) to fix the footman loops?


For the cleat and lashing hooks I wonder if the outer diameters of the flat washers are correct? (small flat washer is about 1/2 inch and large flat washer is about 1 inch). The concept no.10 LARGE flat washer for the cleat hook makes me doubt as this must be a SMALLER flat washer than the flat washer used for the lashing hook. On the other hand, regarding the pictures below, the outer dimensions of both flat washers must be correct, at least for the tail board. I assume the lashing hooks on the side boards will have the same large flat washers (1 inch outer diameter)?




Furthermore, I assume lock washers are used with the cleat hook as the end of the rope is strongly tightened and no lock washers are used with the lashing hook as a (loose) loop of the rope is around the hook? Because of this I would think lock washers might also be used with the footman loops for tightening the canvas belt, at least when no wood screws are used?

I also searched for some pictures on the internet and HMVF-forum as presented below.



Typical for the footman loop on the front board is that a short woodscrew must have been used in order not to hit the angle iron at the inside corner of the body or a hole must have been drilled through this angle iron to fix the footman loop with screw and nut?

Hope someone can help me with the correct setup for the cleat and lashing hooks and especially the footman loops.




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Due to the potential strain that could be imposed on the loops and hooks when tightening load securing ropes.

Would screws be used ?

I would have thought that bolts and nuts would be needed.

You might get away with it for the Footman loops but not for the Lashing hook.

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Thank you all. I think this makes sense. Most probably self tapping screws were used for the footman loops but were not listed in the catalogue as an insignificant item.

Lashing hooks 4 at each side of truck plus 2 at front board and 2 at tail board is 12 total.

Cleat hooks 2 at front board and 2 at tail board is 4 total.

In total 32 screws needed for 16 hooks. The rest speaks for itself according to the catalogue.



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