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Green Goddess Wanted


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9 hours ago, sharkpooh said:

iv got a few leads to follow up 

So depending on cost and condition im looking to spend around £3000 at the moment 

also now looking at a Zil 

Id like something 7.5 ton that i can put my scent on :$


£3000 would buy you a Leyland Daf 4 tonner from Withams auctions.



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Green Goddesses excellent value, great fun, simple to keep on the road etc (no air brakes, simple electrics, bombproof mechanicals, lots of spares).

Just ensure that a) it's been kept undercover - lots of rotten ones around now which will need mega bodywork repairs sooner or later - ash frame under those panels! (the faded orange stripes are a good indication of it being kept outside) and b) it has as much kit on it as you can as the costs of replacing this can be expensive!

Lots on them appear on eBay, some for silly money - £4k should get you a good one. Somebody I know sold one last year which was then immediately put back up for sale by a dealer for around the £10k mark. Er, no. 


Cheers, Duncan.

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1 hour ago, woodsmoke7 said:

Devon,  Newton abbot to be exact bit of a distance I know. Would you have transport sorted if you were to have her? Cheers.

In looking into it but so far seems IV got to add a grand to get one from Coventry all seems price don't go down only up 

Ineed to up my game and down my expectations 🤔🤔

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