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  1. This kraz has been in the UK from late 1980's. It was in the czech army as radar truck medium to low contacts I think. It was in the film 'reign of fire' and a James bond film. She has the yamaz 238 in her non turbo as standard. I got parts from an eBay seller based in Moscow, very reasonable prices as I'm not a rich man! She used to over heat always so new head gaskets,studs,and thermostats were fitted. She runs well now,I like how easy it is to work on. Steering was heavy,I have flushed the system and adjusted the steering ram,it seems lighter to operate now.
  2. Hello no I don't have s Ural,slthoe I like them very much a little more practical than a kraz. There were pictures BN of my truck on here but I can not find. If you look on Facebook my truck is on there it's called 'Kraz Devon'.
  3. Hello again. Not a collector one kraz is enough for me! The first time it started I knew I had to have it! Not as practical as your Ural but good all the same.
  4. Anybody know where the tank was off to yesterday, near Bristol m5 around 4pm? Cheers
  5. It's nuts init, where are you based I can do some asking around for you if you want, cheers
  6. Devon, Newton abbot to be exact bit of a distance I know. Would you have transport sorted if you were to have her? Cheers.
  7. Would any body be interested in a green goddess, located in Devon. Runs drives stops, has pump and kit. Straight panels surface rust up front on panel joins. Good cabin glass, light lens missing on offside, rear lights off. Very good bar grip tyres Can load pictures if people are keen 07518840445
  8. Hello any body know any history on the Militant that Crouch is selling on milweb,its the one with the Daf cab conversion. I see its been for sale a few times recently and in those pictures doesent look like its been used much. Also what are their common faults? Thanks all.
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