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  1. Looking to buy a Morris MRA1 any information would be greatly appreciated as would a cheap restoration project The one im looking at the moment apparently as a bedford tk lump in it but missing a lift pump and starter but as all paper work accordingly Needs welding but thats not the worry im a mobile welder ... its 1953 chasis but comes with a 1950 chasis too and thats not a worry either its the lack of information on it regarding engine size and parts Thanks in advance
  2. Been to Daventry to see one sorry iv not got back to you all ... Update waiting on the owner to show me paper work
  3. In looking into it but so far seems IV got to add a grand to get one from Coventry all seems price don't go down only up Ineed to up my game and down my expectations 🤔🤔
  4. Yeah IV been on couple of other sites an to be fair there a bit steep in price £8000 an wasn't near ready for the road ....on wards and backwards as they say 🤔🤔🤔
  5. Im more inclined to go for something older something like a Bedford TK but again at moment out of my price range unless I sell a kidney 😂
  6. iv got a few leads to follow up So depending on cost and condition im looking to spend around £3000 at the moment also now looking at a Zil Id like something 7.5 ton that i can put my scent on
  7. Dirt..... aint nothing that salt and washing up liquid wont cure
  8. Hi yall its only the one voice in my head speaking I have cut my teeth (hands legs head and most body parts) on old classic cars buses Love getting my hands dirty coz i hate wearing gloves Im a happy go lucky kinda guy who lives in the West Midlands I run my own small business as a mobile welder and i also do a removal service strange coupling but works for me ! Love old cars trucks and buses and im quite mechanically minded Iv decided id like to go up in weight to 7.5ton and i really like the look of a green goddess My family understand a man must follow his dreams a green goddess it is till i know different As an easy going person if there is anything i can do for anyone please dont hesitate to ask im very friendly Regards Paul AKA sharkpooh
  9. When I have a bit of free time later on I'll drop him a call ... Thank you
  10. Im after a green godess hopefully Any advice welcome as im just looking something not too bad ...im a mobile welder so tin worm is not such a problem Minor restoration wouldnt be frowned on
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