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Bedford Specialist Tools


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I have quite a lot of specialist tools which I believe are for Bedford MJ or TM. Most are unused . If anyone needs anything, they are more than welcome to have a look and see what's there. Would rather they went to owners who can make use of them. Any help with identifying them would also be appreciated as I've drawn a blank looking on the web.

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I am looking for a good workshop manual to make life a bit easier, as is have to call very helpful   guys in the UK all the time and while they are really helpful I dont want to wear out My welcome. Dee  P/S Bedford RL

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16 hours ago, Dee said:

Hi Mike I work on a Bedford (Green Goddess)I  would like to see what you have and whats available. Dee

Hello Dee,

Don't think any of these will be of any use as the Green Goddess are based on RL running gear and these tools are all for later Bedfords.

I don't have a bedford RL manual but I'm sure there will be someone on this forum who can help.



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