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  1. Sorry not great with tec, I have copies of the CMP trucks manuals both Ford and Chevi on dvd and thease contain some of the Quads, I will check out and get back to you if thats any use
  2. I have a copies of all the CMP trucks Manuals which include one of the Quads I will check out and get back to you.
  3. Hi Mikes, thanks for the speedy reply, ye RLs are Whitworth /AF just thought there might be a hub nut socket in your set. not to worry and a very happy new year to you and yours. Dee
  4. I am looking for a good workshop manual to make life a bit easier, as is have to call very helpful guys in the UK all the time and while they are really helpful I dont want to wear out My welcome. Dee P/S Bedford RL
  5. Hi Mike I work on a Bedford (Green Goddess)I would like to see what you have and whats available. Dee
  6. thanks for your speedy reply ,just tell me what you would like and we will take it from there I will be fare with you and I know you will be fare with me thanks, and to be fare, it looks really clean and in good condition. Dee
  7. would it be possible to get a copy, only new on the forum still finding my way around. thanks Dee
  8. Hi would really love a copy of that manual Thanks. Derek May
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