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Home Guard Armoured Vehicles


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Having requested the ID of a RAF vehicle on a separate thread it reminded me that just over the hedge from Christchurch airfield in WW2 was the Sommerford Home Guard that used a Dodge based Armoured Car that was equipped with a 6pdr from a WW1 British Tank. It was called Tubby The Tank Buster by its users in the HG formed from civilian workers at the Air Defence Research and Development Establishment as part of Hampshire Home Guard.  I have a letter at home from a member of this HG unit who says it was once taken to Hengistbury Head Dorset and fired at a target in the sea, but other than that it wasn't used in anger.

I have an idea that it was designed by Malcolm Campbell (of record breaking fame) and converted either locally or Salisbury Plain area

I wonder though if it was the most heavily armed HG vehicle in the UK

Tubby the Tank Buster.jpg

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12 minutes ago, LarryH57 said:

I think Wheels & Tracks covered these Armoured Cars but the one shown was the only one of the batch that had a 6pdr gun.

I think it did, but I also recall reading about one in use in Kent in the reminiscences of a Royal Signals dispatch rider and I think it was used by the regular army. The magazine article was probably from nearly 40 years ago but it stuck in my mind. 

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