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New Clansman Photo Albums


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Dear All


I'm in the process of rebuilding my websites as the original 2008/9 design is looking rather dated and I have had a forced change of hosting for one of my sites.

The HTML is a work in progress at 



So far I have only re-written the UK/PRC-319 and UK/PRC-320 pages - the UK/VRC321 and 322 will be next. 

The image galleries have been migrated to Amazon web services and are available in full at:


Enjoy !  I've also uploaded the BATES/BMETS galleries (strictly the successor LACS hardware running BATES code)  at 


Constructive comments welcome via forum PM 


73 de G0OZS


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As an aside, I am looking for a good photo - 800x600 or bigger -  of a RT-320 mounted as a clip-in set in a GS landrover with permission to use it on my web site - I did have mine set up that way but the inside of the landrover was rather dark and the pictures I took weren't good enough - I will obviously give full credit to the owner(s) of any images used on my web site. 



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