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Found 17 results

  1. I am looking for Army Manuals/ AESPs about the installation of an SCRA(T) into a Land Rover 110 (Truck Utility Medium). I am sure they exist, but I couldn't even figure out the correct number of the manual. Does anyone has some information or even the specific manual? I already have the Land Component Handbooks for SCRA and the Ptarmigan System Overview, where they are mentioned.
  2. Just purchased this 1986 Land Rover 110 FFR. It has come with a loads of equipment, but sadly all the radio equipment has been removed (apart from some cables). Looking for any advise of which equipment should be installed. This is my so call blank canvas (hardtop). I will also post of various jobs that I do on it. @mikeslandrovers
  3. I have a dead clansman 344 anyone got any manuals I do need a copy of emers if possible to repair the set. it is dead no noise at all, might be the power module. It has 3v, 6v, and 12v power modules (I thought they were 24v systems) none look burnt out, any ideas? Pete
  4. Dear All I have to list a number of my more expensive and less used items on e-bay and the latest to go is my UK/PRC-319 HF patrol set. The listing is at: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/UK-PRC-319-HF-SSB-CW-transceiver-ex-SAS-SBS-SRR-working-with-EMU-and-some-extras/183055625790 I have also updated my website article at http://moffatig.plus.com/g0ozs/PRC-319.html and added recordings of the set in use. I will shortly have some other items coming up which are too big to post and will need to be collected from East Suffolk when I get time and daylight/weather to do the photos including a Sankey Trailer, an NCRS box trailer and a Cobham EX105 medium duty fibreglass mast. Please inquire via forum PM if interested before I get round to listing them ! Iain 73 de G0OZS
  5. Dear All I'm in the process of rebuilding my websites as the original 2008/9 design is looking rather dated and I have had a forced change of hosting for one of my sites. The HTML is a work in progress at https://moffatig.plus.com/g0ozs/Clansman.html https://moffatig.plus.com/g0ozs/Radios.html So far I have only re-written the UK/PRC-319 and UK/PRC-320 pages - the UK/VRC321 and 322 will be next. The image galleries have been migrated to Amazon web services and are available in full at: http://d3guoyyrmod405.cloudfront.net/radio/clansman/ Enjoy ! I've also uploaded the BATES/BMETS galleries (strictly the successor LACS hardware running BATES code) at http://d3guoyyrmod405.cloudfront.net/radio/BATES/ Constructive comments welcome via forum PM Iain 73 de G0OZS
  6. Thanks for accepting my registration! Should have joined this forum/group years ago! better late than never :-) Interests are: Military Vehicles, Military and Amateur radio and all that goes with these kind of hobbies! Currently own two ex military Defenders (one is FFR LHD and the other ex TA RHD) both fitted with various working Clansman equipment, one GS Lightweight in need of restoration plus one FFR Lightweight in the process of a ground up Build (Not REbuild!). PLUS !!! One AFV 439 which is about to be sold at auction !!! Details here: https://www.bidspotter.co.uk/en-gb/auction-catalogues/peacock-auctioneers/catalogue-id-whpav10388/lot-cca6139f-c412-4240-9018-a7b300d53590 I need to downsize !!! Thanks again for a very interesting and useful forum! Bill K.
  7. Dear All I have for sale a set of top and bottom clamps for the RACAL 8 and 11m light duty (3 inch base tube) masts. This set are in fairly good cosmetic condition and are complete except for the small (and easily fabricated) block that holds the upper clamp to a flat surface. As I have a defender rather than series landrover these aren't what I need and are therefore offered for sale. I have seen one (that didn't sell) on E-Bay at £250 BiN recently - as I recall I paid around £50 and will be happy to get that back plus postage. I think they will cost around £15 to send by Parcelforce to the UK mainland. Buyers can also collect from me in IP14 or I can deliver in Suffolk or nearby. If there are no offers I will list it for a wider audience on E-Bay after 14th May. More pictures at http://www.moffatig.com/forsale/2017-04/racal-clamp-full/ Iain
  8. Dear All I have for sale a used RACAL 8M rigging kit for the 8m mast. This kit comprises Bag 3 each upper lower and middle ropes Radius Line Base Plate 2 Base plate pins 3 angle guy stakes Hammer Adapter for Clansman rods Base insulator Photocopied instructions I am happy to offer these for £60 plus postage (which will be £24 via Parcelforce to the UK mainland) - buyers can also collect from me in IP14 or I can deliver in Suffolk, North Essex, South Norfolk, or east of Cambridge. Please see http://www.moffatig.com/forsale/2017-04/racal-kit-2/ for pictures Please contact me by PM here in the first instance. If not sold by 14th May they will be offered to a wider audience on e-Bay Iain
  9. Santa arrived early and there was a 12m Racal lightweight 1486-000 mast complete with accessory kit on his sledge. :cheesy: I have a scanned copy of the user handbook but some pages are missing. Does anybody have a spare original handbook that they would like to sell or can scan and email me a copy thereof? Also, what accessories are needed to mount this mast on a Land Rover 110 GS (TUM)? Does anybody have instructions for such an installation or any of the necessary brackets? Wishing you all a Merry Xmas, Geoff 2E0WKT golfhotelwhiskey 1988 Truck Utility Medium 12V GS
  10. Stumped again! Thought that it would be a simple job to fit an antenna bracket to the side of my 110 TUM GS ST. Have the bracket (5985-99-637-0810) specified in the fitting instructions (Army Code No 61590, Part 7, Supp 5, 2ed) and there are holes where a previously fitted bracket has been removed. However they don't line up with the holes in the bracket and neither the holes in the bracket nor the holes in the land rover comply with the drilling instructions in the above handbook. Also the bracket is too long and overlaps the door to the jerry can compartments. So I will have to carry out some "unauthorised" modifications to the brackets. Does anybody have a TUM GS Soft Top with a bracket already fitted? If so please can you tell me the distance from the top of the jerry can door and the bottom edge of the bracket. Anybody know whether there are some official documents covering this mod?
  11. Thought about using these with my Ferret - are these helmets compatible with the Clansman intercom sets ? Seems like a decent price. http://www.ima-usa.com/review/product/list/id/118/category/103/
  12. Hi does anyone have any mannuals or info on the clansman 344 Pete ex 10 H & 651 Sqn AAC (26 flt int AVN SQN)
  13. I have a dead clansman 344 anyone got any manuals I do need a copy of emers if possible Pete
  14. Hi. Just a short Intro, Name is Robin and the Location is just south of the Hogs Back. I have a Lightweight 1/2 Ton which I am delighted with especially now as it is crammed full of Clansman gear. 73s Robin GØGNE
  15. I haven't quite got in to the plethora of spurious bits of army kit that seem to adorn preserved vehicles at shows these days and aerials with flags attached are my favourite! Anyway, I've just bought a 12v Lightwieght with a couple of TUUAMs nailed to the front wings? and racking on the inside with the some odd connector boxes attached. I don't want to throw it all away and quite fancy a radio set but don't know anything about Clansman, or what goes with what. Can any of you radio experts help please -- what are the boxes? do they go together? (I note one has 28v on it) and what do I need to buy to make it all work -- set, parts, leads etc. HELP! :nut:
  16. Hi All My name is Iain and my background is Amateur Radio and I have owned various ex-military sets since an R1155 in the 1980s - I now have a Clansman RT321/322 base station and a RT320 for portable use. I have been a telecommunications engineer for most of my working life but I grew up on a farm in the far north of Scotland so 4WD and heavy vehicles are not new to me. I am located in South Suffolk between Ipswich and Colchester. I joined the forum because I am in the process of refurbishing a French Simca Marmon MH600 (SUMB) as a radio truck to allow me to take the RT322 into the field. My radio and military vehicle web site is http://www.g0ozs.org/clansman and the SUMB pages will follow shortly ! In the meantime a gallery of the vehicle as I found it is at: http://http://www.g0ozs.org/marmon/2010-03/ Iain 73 de G0OZS
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