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Triumph 3HW Project: Looking for...


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Hi all,


Nearing the end of my '44 Triumph 3HW project and was wondering if anyone had advice on where i could find:

  1. Front frame torque stay (I think).  I notice in pictures most bikes have some sort of stud between the top/front of the engine to the down tube... but I don't see this listed in the parts book.  Any advice here would be appreciated
  2. Horn
  3. Inflator (to be mounted on chain guard)


Appreciate any help!!!!



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I can't find the head steady listed in my 3HW parts lists either. But looking through a prewar parts list at OHV lightweight models 2&3H and T70&80, all seem to use Torque stay #F1877 with frame clip #F1780. I don't know who might stock it, but try Ace Classics or Draganfly have just bought tons of Triumph stock. You might have to make it though.

The correct WD horn is the Lucas HF 1235 (Altette) Try you luck with Taff the Horn  http://taffthehorns.com/

Or Simon  http://www.simonsoldmotorcycleparts.com/index.php  Ron

3HW 263.jpg

3HW 264.jpg

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