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  1. Thanks Ron... that is exactly what I needed to see. Ian
  2. Hello, Trying to track down a missing engine stay for my 1944 Triumph 3hw project... decided I may need to make one myself. Any chance someone can take a close up and clear picture of the engine stay so I know what I am trying to replicate? Below is a fuzzy picture of the stay i am looking for. Appreciate the help! Ian
  3. Hi All, Does anyone know what the material for the saddle was on the '44 Triumph 3HWs? The one I have now looks like a cheap vinyl (pic attached)... but I have to believe it would have been made of leather back then. Any thoughts? Ian
  4. Ok... great. So it does in fact need a gasket. That would solve the issues. Thanks again!
  5. Can anyone confirm the length of the spacer that goes inside the primary chain case? (see pic) For some reason, everything looks right but when I fit my chain case cover over top there is about a 1/8 gap between the cases... when I take the spacer out to see if the chain case cover fits it is a perfectly flush. I am thinking this spacer is about 1/8" too long... or there is some sort of 1/8" cork gasket that goes between the chain case cover and the chain case. Any advice would be appreciated. Ian
  6. Awesome... thanks Ron! I found the horn and looks like I will be making the steady. Appreciate the help.
  7. Hi All, Nearing the end of my '44 Triumph 3HW project and had a question regarding the toolbox. Below is what I took apart when I first disassembled the bike... is this right? Does anyone have a picture of what the fastener assembly should look like? My gut tells me this is not correct. As always, any help appreciated.
  8. Hi all, Nearing the end of my '44 Triumph 3HW project and was wondering if anyone had advice on where i could find: Front frame torque stay (I think). I notice in pictures most bikes have some sort of stud between the top/front of the engine to the down tube... but I don't see this listed in the parts book. Any advice here would be appreciated Horn Inflator (to be mounted on chain guard) Appreciate any help!!!! Ian
  9. Hi All, Starting to think i have the wrong size rear chain on my '44 3HW project. Can anyone confirm the size of the rear chain for me? I currently have: 530 (5/8" pin-to-pin x 3/8" inner clearance) with 90 links. Thanks! Ian
  10. Hey Ron, Great bike... and thanks again for putting in the leg work on finding the C number. And yes, you are correct, I am located in southern California. Although I am Canadian and just hear for the year to warm up. Ian
  11. Hi Ron, Great information... thank you. Was it standard to have the Triumph logo on both side of the tank... as well as the 'C" number? My frame number is: 50936 Thanks again! Ian
  12. Restoring a '44 Triumph 3HW and had a question regarding the gas tank... more specifically the military markings and the art work. I can't seem to track down where my bike was placed so will most likely just make up the number markings... but was curious if there were specific placements on the gas tank (or anywhere else on the bike) that the markings and art work were supposed to go. IE. only on left side or tank, both sides, fenders, etc. Anyone have any idea? Ian
  13. Thank you! Ended up going with the Dunlop K70's.
  14. Anyone have any good suggestions for tyres for my '44 Triumph 3HW project? Would like to keep the tread pattern similar to original tyres issued if I can. Thanks! Ian
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