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Shipping Scam

Bob Grundy

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This months CMV in 'News' had a report of a Shipping Scam written by Peter Dixon. He reported being ripped off by a shipping agent but did not mention the actual agent or company. Does anyone know Peter Dixon and where he could be contacted so that I can find out ?

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I also read about this case in CMV the figures being quoted were pretty eye watering.    I suspect company names were not provided for legal reasons however I would be keen to know the details and eventual outcome as forewarned is forearmed   

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6 hours ago, Pete Ashby said:

   I suspect company names were not provided for legal reasons 

Quite right. Getting involved in others' disputes can be a minefield for magazines and there's often two sides to a story. I do feel for Peter Dixon with his tale of woe especially when lots of classic US pick-ups are coming over at the moment - presumably in the hands of reputable companies. I have Peter's email but don't feel that I should post it here but am happy to pass on anything you want to PM me or email at CMV. JC

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