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Info wanted reference the Scammell Pioneer

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Ive just bought the IBG model kit of a Scammell Pioneer which features a solid roof and the spare wheel mounted on the inside rear. Looking though posts on this site there appears to be many vehicles with a gun hatch on the roof and the spare either missing or mounted central on the rear. I would like to modify the kit accordingly is there anything I should know before I do this. I would also like to portray it in light stone serving post war somewhere in the Middle East such as Cyprus, Suez etc.. I've yet to find a photo to base the kit on so if anyone can help, I'd be most grateful.

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There are quite a few Pioneer photos on Blue Belles thread Lybia Tripleotania Lots of sand coloured stuff.


Thanks for that. I'll check it out once I've been through the Pioneer gallery.

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Hi Nik,

I'm also building the Scammell pioneer.

Used this site a lot and downloaded a lot off close up photo's from de restorations .

But on network 54 Missing Linx there is on the Allied WW2 forum a discussion about the mistakes IBG made.

And apart from those there is a lot of detail missing.

The base is good but there is room for some improvement.

On the same site under constructive comments i have started wip Scammell IBG ,there are already some photos.

Hope this helps some .


cheers, Tom



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Thank you for that update. I'll follow your blog. I saw the initial criticisms but the kit didn't seem so bad to me. I've assembled most of the sub units and was just considering leaving the engine side covers off and detailing the engine. I've off set the front wheels and was going to tilt the front axle, also articulate the rear wheels. Oh yes I've also put a hole in the roof for the observer/gunner hatch.

cheers Nick

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