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  1. Tom Thank you for that update. I'll follow your blog. I saw the initial criticisms but the kit didn't seem so bad to me. I've assembled most of the sub units and was just considering leaving the engine side covers off and detailing the engine. I've off set the front wheels and was going to tilt the front axle, also articulate the rear wheels. Oh yes I've also put a hole in the roof for the observer/gunner hatch. cheers Nick
  2. Thanks for that. I'll check it out once I've been through the Pioneer gallery.
  3. Ive just bought the IBG model kit of a Scammell Pioneer which features a solid roof and the spare wheel mounted on the inside rear. Looking though posts on this site there appears to be many vehicles with a gun hatch on the roof and the spare either missing or mounted central on the rear. I would like to modify the kit accordingly is there anything I should know before I do this. I would also like to portray it in light stone serving post war somewhere in the Middle East such as Cyprus, Suez etc.. I've yet to find a photo to base the kit on so if anyone can help, I'd be most grateful.
  4. Howard's, does this mean a new model is in the wings?😉
  5. You must be a glutton for punishment:cool2::cool2:. To remove parts score around the edge and flex break the parts free. Sand as described by RR. Good idea to fill the wheel halves with milliput or similar before joining together. But I would just use the curved bits like mudguards, bonnet, etc.. from the kit and scratch build the rest from plastic card. Specially as you have a real one to draw from Nik
  6. Wow! This is looking good. Do you have good reference material or are you using the basic kit parts as reference? Nik
  7. Very nice model. Like the camouflage, what colours did you use? cheers Nik
  8. Most interesting and excellent result. I use Painter which has clone brushes which I have used on portrait photos but never thought to use them on vehicles. Think I might have a go. Thanks for the article. cheers Nik
  9. I waited and waited for this one to appear. :DEventually gave up and did a conversion job covered elsewhere on the HMVF site. Pity would have liked to see the spare tyre rack and the fuel stowage racks as PE parts. Perhaps some enterprizing PE maker will come up with the goods. Still it looks pretty good and I wont be able to resist this one as it was the army truck of my childhood. Spent many hours in the back off to camp or the ranges in the Cadets. Nik
  10. Terrific work Neil. Not sure how you can work at that scale. I have enough problems at 1/35 . Cheers Nik
  11. Please can any one explain how the Bren gun was mounted in early MK1's. The photos I have seen showing Ferrets as part of O force in Jordan in 1956 have their guns on mounts at the front corner ,either side, of the fixed turret. Not on a fixed central pivot as seen on many restored vehicles. They clearly have the bipod mount in place. Was there a mount at each corner or was there a rail so the the mount could slide across the front? Help greatly appreciated. Cheers Nik
  12. Sorry about the garbled message. Had a problem with the editing. Just to clarify I am looking for what I need to do to back engineer the ferrets to Mk1 and Mk2, likely radio fit circa 1956 and clarification of the name and its colour of the Mk2. Cheers Nik
  13. I am planning on building a Mk1 and Mk 2 model Ferrets using Accrate Armour Kits for Mk1/1 and Mk2/3 respectively. The mk1 will represent one used as part of O Force in Jordan 1955/56 and the Mk2 will represent 02BB 69 in Cyprus 1956 as shown in a Pathe News clip.<BR><BR>What I need to know is what are the obvious visual differences between the Mk1 and 2 and the uparmoured versions? From the photos it would seem to be the drivers quarter hatches.<BR><BR>And would they likely to be still using No19 Radios at that time or had they upgraded to Larkspur?<BR><BR>
  14. Thankyou for your kind comments. I just knew IBG would release their 1:35 scale QL series as soon as I started on this one. But I must admit I enjoyed the challenge and picked up a lot of gen on these trucks in the process. Much of that info was gleaned from this site. I hope IBG dont just upscale the 1/72 models as I found they were a little basic cf the Airfix offerings. Still I shall have to get one anyway. Tea stains! I was going for jungle juice as thats what was in the urns when we went on summer camp . Cheers Nik
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